You want to be a writer.

You write, but what comes next?

First, you aren’t alone. Lots of people write and lots want to be “writers”.

Our goal is to help you BECOME A WRITER.


  • welcoming you to a group  who, like yourself, wants to make a living by writing
  • helping you with the business side of writing
  • offering a network to promote your published works
  • giving you the support you need to keep writing!


Writing is lonely work. Sometimes you just need to talk with someone who knows what you’re going through.

Content Curator:

Natalia Corres has worked in technology for 35+ years – fighting stereotypes and leading teams to success. Retired now, she follows her avocation of creativity – volunteering, writing, painting, sculpting and baking. An active member of the California Writers Club – Writers of Kern branch, she lives with her husband – Bill, their dog – Logan, and cat– Claudia, in their sanctuary on the outskirts of suburbia.  She has been writing for business (documentation, project plans, proposals) for 35+ years, and writing for profit (Examiner.com columns, blog posts, articles for other websites, self-publishing) for 15+ years.  You can see her blogs at:  Zen of Living Smaller; and Wind in her mane.  And you can check out her books on her Author Page at Amazon.

She is working at making a living with her writing, and hopes to help others achieve that goal, too!


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