And the wind howls

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Happy first Monday of February! The second month already and the blustery winds are singing around my trees and clearing out my roof’s gutters. Thank you wind.

This year is shaping up to be a juggling year. A year of shifting focuses and priorities. I have much to do on my personal “to do” list, and because I have friends who are going through major shifts in their lives, I also have a long friend “to do” list.

Everything on my own list, is basically for myself, so it will take back-burner position for my friends in need. Do not mistake me, I am not forfeiting my own goals at all. Merely not giving them full focus, while I assist, support, and participate in the goals of others.  And one or two of those goals are in my personal list, as well, so “two birds, one stone” and I will hopefully, make lots of people satisfied with the results.

People do what is important to them and I am no exception. The people who are important in my life always get priority.

Whether we are all aware that we are demonstrating our priorities is a different discussion entirely. I know a few people who would argue that they are not doing what they would prefer to be doing at all, and I would say to them – what you prefer and what is important to you, are not the same thing.

You might prefer not to go to work because your boss is a tyrant, but it is important to pay your bills and eat regularly. So you go to work. Demonstrating it is important to you.

You also might say that your friendship with so-and-so is important, but whenever that person asks you for help, you find other things have higher priority. Again you have demonstrated what is important to you.

As I have gotten older, I have determined it is best to cut loose those who only want me around when I am doing something for them and are never there when I need help, unless going in to the “relationship” it is clear that I am the only “giver”. I have learned to judge by what people do, not what they say. Mostly because what they say is often just shouting into the howling wind.  🙂

Here’s hoping you have what you need to have a great week.

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