Comfort Zone

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Writing pushes some of us a little out of our comfort zone (or maybe a lot, depends on where you are on the spectrum, I guess).

We wonder:

What if what we are writing doesn’t make sense to the reader?

What if they don’t like it?

What if our ideas are >shudder< so dull that we lose the reader? Or so difficult to accept that we lose the reader?

Then, once we’ve written something – getting it out there again pushes us out of the comfort zone.

What if it gets rejected? What if it gets accepted?

Then what?

Some of us enjoy the push and others not so much… it reminds me of being a kid on the swing set…we want to go higher, and every once in a while as we are being pushed in larger arcs we panic just a little. For some – that adrenaline rush of panic is exhilarating; for others – too scary.

But after you’ve been through it a few times, you get to know what to expect and even enjoy the rush. This time of social distancing is perfect for pushing yourself out of the comfort zone.

Write something. Submit something. Promote something you’ve self-published. You might find the comfort zone can get pushed a little further each time…and who knows. You might just LIKE it!

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