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Close up of “Chaos Reigns” – 2′ by 2′ acrylic pour painting by N. Corres

When I get stuck writing, which seems to happen cyclically, I do some other creative thing – painting, and/or crafting, to distract me from focusing too hard on being stuck. For the last few weeks, I’ve been trying to do a canvas a day (which you can see on my Facebook page or my Instagram Account) in order to loosen up the blockages.

Why we get stuck varies from person to person…usually for me, my characters are at a cross roads, and I am waiting for them to make a decision about which way they are going to choose to go. Some of my other writer friends (fiction, of course), have also said that sometimes they are waiting for their characters to tell them what’s next.

I have written novels based on a story arc that has been outlined ahead of time, and I have written “free form” letting the characters decide which way to go. The former is easier, the latter is, for me, better.

When I haven’t figured out how I want things to go and let the characters go where they want to go, the story always seems to flow better – at least from my perspective.

Even my blog posting is challenging when I am in “writer’s block” mode. But on the plus side, I wind up with loads of canvases to post in my Etsy Shop, or will have as soon as I can jiggle enough writing juice to describe the canvases. 🙂

It is a classic “Ourobouros” (that’s a snake eating its tail, a la infinity) situation. Need to write, so I paint, and that leads to even more need to write.

If these are my biggest challenges during this time of Shelter in Place, I count myself fortunate.

Are you having writer’s block? How do you kick start your writing? I’d love to hear how you approach the challenge. Comments welcomed.

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