Early morning adventure

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At 3 am this morning, both the heat and one of our house alarms started up. The electronic chirp sets our German Shepherd Logan into immediate “Fear, Fire, Foe” mode and Logan frantically tears at the comforter and sheets to rouse me and my oldest cat (Mister) and try to herd us out of danger.  Groggily I grab Mister, who is very frail and thin; and head through the house, trying to pinpoint which alarm is chirping.

I let Logan out into the back yard because he thinks I am insane for staying in the house and keeps tripping me while trying to usher me out of “danger”. Mister serenely watches from my arms as I traipse around. I put Mister down and grab the step stool to try to reach a smoke alarm in the hallway and standing on the topmost tier I am still shy of about 4 inches to reach the alarm. While I am straining up there I hear the chirp behind me.

Turns out it is the Carbon Monoxide alarm.

At this point I notice that our other cat, Claudia, who has only one eye, is nowhere to be seen. Both our cats are indoor cats. I fight a small panic knot in my stomach. I don’t think she got out when Logan went out, but I go outside to look anyway. No Claudia. I look everywhere, improbable and impossible places all through the house. No Claudia.

Logan and Mister are calmer now, as I have pressed the reset on the Carbon Monoxide alarm and turned the heater from auto to OFF, but now I am sitting here wondering where Claudia went.

The last possible place that she might be hiding is in the inside back of the couch – a place she hid in when we first adopted her many years and a different house ago, and I am not prepared to try to tip the couch to see if she is in there. So I am sitting here, with coffee and Mister on my lap and Logan on one of my feet (he is sticking to me like glue, just in case, as GS dogs often do when they think they are protecting you).

Of course my husband is at work, and I have texted all of this to him, as if he could do anything from miles and miles away – but hey, misery loves company.  And now, I am trying to finish waking up, writing this all down, and hoping I am right about where Claudia is, and that she will make her appearance soon. Keep your fingers crossed.

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