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Every morning, rain or shine, my dog and I go for a walk. We see the subtle changes in the neighborhood and have made friends with the local wildlife – so our walks are usually accompanied by the cacophony of birdsong, barks and the thumping of the bunnies alerting each other that we are coming by.

We are treated to the spring bunnies playing “double dare you” by running past my dog to impress their would-be mates. The pair of hawks we’ve watched raise their young circle us as we walk, knowing that some mouse or squirrel or lizard will be flushed from their hiding spots as we pass. And sometimes we get to witness the high speed dive as they zero in on their breakfast. The crows we feed regularly caw at us to let us know that someone is walking towards us, when we are on the trails. And once in a while we see coyotes heading “home” from their night hunting.

This morning as we meandered along sidewalks, we were greeted with chalk decorations – some happy words like “keep on smiling” and “try more kindness” and some lovely drawings of hearts and butterflies and bunnies. They made me smile and also pleased me to think that one side-effect of all the virus related events is that children (and adults) are having to entertain themselves in pursuits like drawing on the sidewalk with chalk, reading, and playing board games.

Simple pleasures are the most fleeting and also the most treasured. I hope that whomever wrote the happy words will keep the memory of it in their hearts a long time. ❤

May all of you be happy, healthy, and have the time to enjoy the simple things in life.

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