Friends helping friends

Today’s post is about support. I address this to the friends and family of writers of all kinds.

Nothing is more daunting to an aspiring author, content writer, or even newsletter writer than putting something they worked hard at – out into the world; and then hearing absolutely nothing. <insert cricket sounds from your favorite cartoon.>

But I can’t always afford to buy their book, ebook, etc.” you may be thinking.

So when they are confident enough to announce their work- here’s how you can show your support:

  1. If there is a “like” button involved – then LIKE it;
  2. If there is a comment section, say something nice. A “Congratulations” goes a long way!
  3. If the announcement can be shared – then SHARE it.
  4. If there is space to do a review, and you feel good about doing so, then REVIEW it (and SHARE your review).

You will notice that no where in that list did I say you need to purchase their book, ebook, or what-have-you unless you want to. Support means helping to bolster the person and their work, and sharing it far and wide to help with getting others excited about the person’s work. And possibly even helping them to get more work (if they are that kind of writer).

Every writer would be thrilled to make a living at their writing, and of course, money speaks – but most of us just need to know that we are supported in our work. That someone outside of us understands that it was an effort, and we created something – it might not be the next best selling book – “soon to be a major motion picture” – but then again, it might.


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