What’s This?

Hello out there!  You are probably wondering what this site is all about, and if you haven’t checked out the Welcome page yet, basically I was looking for a simple site that would direct me to resources, help me hone my writing skills, and maybe share some writing opportunities that I might not have known about otherwise.

For example, The Writer Magazine ( Subscribe here)  has an essay contest which ends on March 1 2019. You can see more about it here. The topic is: any aspect of Writing life in 2000 words.  Entry fee costs $25-70 and they use Submittable as their venue for submitting the entry.  You can see all the details of the submission guidelines by clicking on “More” next to the dollar amount when you are on the screen at Submittable.

If you submit an entry, let us know. If you win, let us know! I’d love to interview you for this blog.

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