Welcome to “Words to live by”!

Whether you have been writing since you could get the pencil to the paper, or are just now deciding you have a message or story to tell, it can be very scary trying to navigate the many avenues and options; services and products out there.  This site was conceived because I was looking for something that would help me improve my craft; as well as help me find publishing opportunities and figure out what I need to be in the business of “Writing”. 

Don’t get me wrong, there are sites out there that address some or all of these things.  But I like to keep things simple, and will try to keep this site from getting too complicated.  And that is where you come in. The blog portion of this site is free and open to the public. But the Critique Group area is open to members only, and membership will also mean you agree to the Non-Disclosure (Confidentiality) Agreement to protect your work and the work of those who are sharing for constructive criticism.

Writing is only a portion of what it is to BE a Writer…until you have made your mark in the world, you may also need to be an agent, a marketer, a paste-up and layout expert,a business manager, and a bookkeeper.  Oh, and don’t forget a Social Media expert!

This site is intended to assist you in getting these basics down, and helping you to focus on the business of being a writer.