Welcome to “Words to live by”!

Whether you have been writing since you could get the pencil to the paper, or are just now deciding you have a message or story to tell, it can be very scary trying to navigate the many avenues and options; services and products out there.  This site was conceived because I was looking for something that would help me improve my craft; as well as help me find publishing opportunities and figure out what I need to be in the business of “Writing”. 

Don’t get me wrong – there are plenty of sites out there with loads of great info.  Mine is not replacing any of those, but augmenting them.  I am sharing my own insights, and those of other writers who are just trying to write words to live by.


Writing is only a portion of what it is to BE a Writer…until you have made your mark in the world, you may also need to be an agent, a marketer, a paste-up and layout expert,a business manager, and a bookkeeper.  Oh, and don’t forget a Social Media expert!

This site is intended to assist you in getting these basics down, and helping you to focus on the business of being a writer.