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Yesterday, after posting the previous month’s crypto rewards, Narrative announced it was sunsetting. For those of you who have never been part of a startup before or just don’t know the term, it means closing the doors and ceasing to do business. It is shutting down as of Dec. 30, 2019.

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The concept of this platform was what caught my attention at the beginning, and then the people that I met there, caused me to stay.

There is a valiant attempt going on, even now, by many of the folks I have come to call friends on that platform –  to find a way to salvage it. And I know that if they can manage to do that, I will be right back there, writing and posting.

Could I do that elsewhere?  Yes, indeed. And I have. I have a space on Medium, on Vocal, and now on Steemit. I write, and post. But the quality of engagement is very different.

There was something far more personal and enjoyable with Narrative and the people there. A true discourse, and connection. I felt appreciated when I posted there. Which is something I don’t feel (yet) on other platforms…maybe I will at some point.

I also write to create books. And that is satisfying in a deeply personal way. But it doesn’t give me the feedback and connection that I enjoyed on Narrative.

I will continue to write. I have a wonderful spot in an online “ezine” Licorice Pizza Magazine.  And I expect that will be tremendous in 2020.

And I am working on some interesting projects (hoping to get a collaborative newsletter out in 2020 with amazing fiction).

And I will always be grateful to Narrative for the wonderful new friends I have met and will stay in contact with.

Peace out for now. And more on the great adventures, as I find out…

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