It is okay

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It is okay to be annoyed.

It is okay to mourn the loss of small freedoms, to feel the anxiety of lost routines, to want to do something and nothing at the same time.

It is okay to be sad.

It is okay to be frustrated.

It is okay to cry (and maybe healthy, too).

I am writing this to you. And to me. Because sometimes I forget that it is okay. And maybe you do, too.

It will happen that you feel guilty, for being sick or not being sick, or having fun while others are not. That’s okay too.

Of all the times to feel your feelings and maybe even sort through them and use them instead of them using you – now is it.

Just try to remember that anyone also in the house with you, is probably also feeling these things, too. Though they may not say so.

If you can find something to laugh at, do it, watch it, read it. It will help.

Or if you have a favorite sad movie or book, cry your eyes out over it. I’ll probably watch “Sense and Sensibility” and “Sabrina” in order to cry and let all my sadness drain away later today.

And even if you are alone, in your home, with the social distancing – you aren’t really alone – we are all alone together.

Namaste. Be well.

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