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Today (Saturday3/27) is bright and sunny and warm. And I used this lovely morning, (after the standard one mile dog walk to visit the bunnies in our neighborhood in the green spaces), to garden. I love playing in the dirt, I mean gardening.

I had prepped the garden before all the rain and hail of the last weeks. And yesterday, the blackberry bush that I ordered, was delivered in good shape. Last night I unboxed it and let the roots soak.

Now I have two raised beds, and five large containers set up. There are:

  • tomatoes from the seeds saved from some of last years crop;
  • the blackberry bush – now named Rubeus Hagrid, because I am hoping it will grow huge;
  • onions growing from some pieces saved from cooking last year – they are about to flower – woohoo;
  • okra, one of my favorites;
  • long beans (aka chinese green beans);
  • squash – summer and lemon;
  • nasturtiums and marigolds (because I love those peppery flowers in my salads – plus they keep a variety of bad bugs away from my veggies).

Next week, I plan to get more potting and raised bed soil, so I can add some peppers, cucumbers, and additional squash (who can ever have too much squash?) to the garden.

If I could find a source of hay bales that delivered and didn’t cost and arm and a leg, I’d expand the garden using that method and grow some corn and other yummies. Maybe next year.

I might add some rosemary to the container garden area. There’s tons of wild mint available on our walks and the lemon tree in our back yard is nearly ready to be picked.

That’s the scoop for Spring here… now back to writing and prepping for April Poetry Month.

Enjoy your weekend.

Photo by Anna Tukhfatullina Food Photographer/Stylist on Pexels.com
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