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Some days I know exactly what I need to get done and I do it. And others I just want to languish in front of my laptop, googling whatever comes to mind and then hop-scotching along the threads of related searches until even that bores me and then I go read something in my pile of books and ebooks that are either “To Be Read” or in process of being read.

Honestly the days I am not “productive” usually inspire a long list of story ideas and art projects.

So whether I am “task oriented” or not, doesn’t really impact my overall productivity. And coming to that realization only took me a little over 50 years of living. (I am 63 now, and feel more productive than ever!)

Before that, I had the unfortunate belief that I needed to be productive in the first way only – having a list of tasks and powering through them. And it was not satisfying me. I always thought that I was somehow missing something…and then late in life, I discovered that “goofing off” was as productive as powering through the tasks.

It enabled me to jump start creative ideas and then, I started to really enjoy art and writing…because it didn’t feel “forced” anymore. It flowed. It flows.

So today I share this tidbit of “getting your sh!t together” – understand yourself and let yourself have some “play” time. It will make the tasks you power through, that much more satisfying and “up” the quality of what you are doing – whether you are “creative” or techie or any other label you want to apply to yourself.

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