Paying the bills

As a writer, whether you get paid to produce content for websites, write articles or are an aspiring author trying to make ends meet while you are finishing your NaNoWriMo novel, you probably have bills to pay.

Some of you have “day jobs” and most of you will have a side hustle of some variety, and all of you will need a game plan if you ever want to be able to sit back and relax at some point while the avenues of passive income continue to generate money for you.

Good luck with that dream.

The reality is that most of us “writers” will have to do something to supplement our bill paying ability. But take heart, there are a multitude of paying gigs that can actually assist in making your writing aspirations come to fruition.

Some of those gigs include: editing for other writers, editing and tutoring for high school and college students, managing and editing newsletters for clubs or associations, and ghost writing.

If you are not putting out some “evergreen” content on a site that will continue to pay out as people “discover” and read your content, then think about doing that. Why do I mention this? Because it is also a great way to get people to your blog or website or to direct them to any other avenue you have set up for “passive” income, like maybe your ebooks…

Oh no! You may be saying now, ebooks are so hard to put together! I don’t have enough material for an ebook anyway!

There are plenty of platforms including Amazon KDP and which make it very easy to create and sell your ebooks. Many “How-to” and special interest ebooks are under 100 “pages”. What is more important in an eBook is quality of information and writing; not necessarily quantity.

I’ll also add that Amazon KDP also makes it very easy to get your book into print on paper. Which is handy for booksigning opportunities or holiday gift-giving. <wink, wink>.

Check the platforms that you post to, some require original content only. If that’s the case, you can post there first, then reuse your content with a canonical link back to the original post, elsewhere.

If you wrote a particularly good blog post, consider updating it and reusing the content elsewhere. Or expanding on it to make a small eBook.

Think about where your writing is published (blogs, platforms etc), and keep a list of it somewhere, in case you need a “Writing Resume” for a gig or even something to base a mini bio on. Some of us introverted types have trouble with bios, how much information is too much? I prefer to say as little about my personal life as possible. Others I have read will tell you pretty much everything about their backgrounds and family.

The point is: if you sit down and make a plan for how best to use the writing you have already done, or how you are going to use the writing you are about to do, you will be more likely to reap the monetary rewards you need to pay those bills we were talking about.

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