Pocket Dimensions and Time Zones

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Welcome to Saturday! Last post I had an early morning adventure and one of my cats was missing – Claudia, or as we sometimes call her “The Dread Pirate Claudia” since she had an eye removed due to a tumor.

Claudia eventually turned up at breakfast time (in true Hobbit Cat tradition – not ever missing a meal when it has been set out). I still have no idea where she was hiding, I searched cabinets, behind doors, on bookshelves, windowsills, under beds, on top of beds, behind the toilets (hey, its a cat sized space)…everywhere. I did not find her. But as I was working on other things, and had laid out cat breakfast on their table (the cats eat on a table top in the kitchen so the ever-hungry dog doesn’t “help” them with their meals) I heard a clinking noise and ‘lo, both cats were eating. Claudia and Mister.

The Carbon Monoxide Detector has been replaced, and we had another set of early morning chirps today (need to make an adjustment)…and again Claudia disappeared only to reappear once breakfast was placed on the table.

My theory is that she is able to open a portal to a pocket dimension to hide in when it suits her, that’s my story and I’m sticking with it.

Today I also had a business call with one of my associates in who is currently in Switzerland. 9 AM Pacific is 6 PM tonight there…it is a wonderfully odd feeling to be talking across time zones into the future…I get the same feeling when I am flying through time zones into the future or back to the past, even if it is only a few hours of time travel, it still counts in my writer’s mind as a rudimentary time machine.

Speaking of time, if you have time – I urge you to check out a writer friend of mine’s free collection of short stories – click on Joan Raymond and sign up. Short stories are wonderful to read while waiting – at doctor’s appointments, or in line at the DMV. That’s how I pass the wait time when I am out and about. It is a bit like opening a pocket dimension to hide in. 🙂


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