Queries and pitches

Many writers get stymied when it comes to queries and pitches. These are almost as bad as having to write the dreaded “bio”.

So today I am going to try to simplify these concepts into something you may have either done or been on the receiving end of – yes, you have all experienced queries and pitches, even if you didn’t realize it.


QUERY: Hey, want to go see a movie sometime?

PITCH: Avengers: Endgame is playing at the Studio Movie Grill, would you like to go this Saturday?

QUERY: Anybody want to go get lunch?

PITCH: There’s a new Mexican restaurant open down the street, would you like to go try it out today at lunchtime?

Now to put it in the writing framework:

QUERY: Do you accept non-fiction articles on grammar and punctuation?

PITCH: I would like to write a 5,000 word article on “The importance of good punctuation” for your blog – would that be of interest to you?

Hoping that helps. Have a great weekend! ~N

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