Random thoughts on Christmas Eve

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One of my dear friends wears their heart on their sleeve most days. They are outraged by hypocrisy and the evils of the world, and at this time of year – most especially.

We had a chat about it while wandering around the mall one day recently. It made me really have to stop and put words around my feeling about the Winter Holidays… and it is this:

The world is filled with awful nasty things and equally awful nasty people. Anything that causes even the slightest shift to niceness, goodness, generosity of spirit – I am whole-heartedly for…even if it is hypocritical behavior, it is still putting a little but more goodness into the universe.

So I say this to you, dear reader, whatever religion you may follow, whichever road you are taking in life – I wish all good things for you, in this season and in the year to come.

May you have health, wealth and the time to enjoy both – and a very Merry Christmas to all.

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