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This time, last year, I was packing furiously.  My husband and I were travelling 3.5 hours one way to look for houses in SoCal, and then back to Central Cal again, in preparation for my Husband’s new job.  We learned that his daughter and her husband were expecting their first child, Hubby’s first grandbaby in October 2019 (healthy baby Evelyn arrived on 10/19).  And I had thought I would pursue an avocation as a Supervised Visit Chaperone.

Coordinating offers on houses, packing, getting move estimates, deciding to rent our existing house out – rather than try to sell it in the current market, writing, and participating in the chapter of the Writing Club that I had only month’s before ceased lurking at, and joined; all this lovely chaos was happening in January of 2019.

Looking back at the year, some things I set out as goals went by the wayside and new goals took their place. I didn’t pursue the Supervised Visit certification because I had a bout of vertigo – which made me cautious about making commitments that required me to travel somewhere, when I wasn’t sure what my health was going to do. And in the case of Supervised Visits, the emotional toll on people already emotionally charged – just didn’t seem like a good idea.

I had planned on publishing a book of my poetry and wound up publishing nine books in 2019. Three poetry, two non-fiction, and four fiction books. I am currently editing one that was started in 2019.

I helped my friend with two of her books; took on the webmaster role and Newsletter Editor role for Writer’s of Kern (even though I don’t live in Kern County anymore) and participated in NaNoWriMo;  did a little consulting, and a lot of writing of my own.

This year I’ve signed up for PoPo (Poetry Postcards – during August 2020); and just this last Friday (January 3) I initiated the incorporation of a company as the Chief Operating Officer with two gentlemen who are trying to revive the Platform (which I discovered in February of last year in alpha, then participated in Beta and it declared for a Sunset at the end of 2019); I also completed a course in Art Therapy towards a certification.

My plan for 2020 is to help get Narrative 2.0 (or whatever we decide to rename it) up and running, and hopefully even better than before…and hopefully get it to the point where it is self-sustaining; get a couple more books out; spend some time gardening; assist a friend with her business (My Bunny Valentine);  continue to webmaster for WOK (and maybe continue as the Newsletter Editor if no one else steps up for it); give a couple of webinars on MailChimp and paint some canvases.

Not a lot of things….got to leave some room for the unexpected.



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