Small wonders

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I can get lost for hours in small wonders.
The traffic lane of ants that goes on relentlessly for several blocks;
The wad of skin and fur beneath the favorite perch of our neighborhood owl;
The endless kaleidoscope of shapes in cloudy skies;
The scent of orange blossoms in the early morning fog and the scent of
burning wood in the dark of night;
The chatter of the birds in their daily discussions;
The twitching of whiskers and paws, as my cat dreams of finally catching the elusive red dot;
The smell of water in the air after the sprinklers have turned off;
The sparkling lights dancing on the palm fronds at sunset during a gentle breeze;
The gentle breeze that the wagging of my dog's tail creates as he leans into me when we stop on a walk to look at something;
The slightly damp feel of warmth as I pull the clean clothes from the dryer to fold them;
The lizards that play in our backyard, often coming to the sliding glass door to pay respects to our cat who watches them longingly and the
hummingbird that also comes to the door and flies around me when I am watering the vegetables in our garden - my personal supervisor;
The satisfying smell and taste of our home grown tomatoes...
these are only a few of the daily small wonders, all of which I am grateful for seeing, hearing, smelling, experiencing as part of my life. 
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