Still not quite sure about branding?

Okay – you’re still scratching your head about your brand?

You’re not alone. A lot of writers are stymied about what they should “brand” as…and some just resist the concept entirely.

If you want to write, are writing, then perhaps you should come at this from a different angle.

There are many different niches of writing. Don’t believe me? Do a search on Freelancer for jobs that include article writing/content writing/article rewriting projects and you come up with a load of interesting options, for example – I’ve put the skills in parentheses after the job title:

  • Create content for education, sports, entertainment and health related for a website (content writing)
  • Technical Product Manager eCommerce project (technical writing)
  • Civil Engineering Article Editing (editing, proofreading, research, technical writing)
  • Content for a gambling website (article rewriting, article writing, content writing, copywriting, ghostwriting)
  • Formal neutralarticle writing on various companies (article rewriting, article writing, content writing, ghostwriting, research)
  • Website content writing about tean, coffee and spices from Nepal (article writing, content writing, copywriting, ghostwriting)
  • Proofreader and Editor in English (article rewriting, editing, proofreading).

The list goes on and on and changes daily.

You can also check out under Jobs – Writing/Editing and under Gigs – Writing, for some more ideas.

Go to job boards and search for writing, copywriting, proofreading and editing to get more ideas.

The point is, even if you don’t have a “brand” identified, if you write, you can make money writing. You just have to search for the jobs, and apply. Once you’ve had a few paying gigs, you will have a better idea of what you enjoy writing and what you can make money at by writing – then you can always revisit the “branding” question.

So go out there and WRITE!

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