Stretch those writing muscles!

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The writers group I belong to, Writers of Kern – a chapter of the California Writers Club, is about to kick off its annual Blog Challenge – which challenges the members to write 26 posts in 13 weeks.  Starting February 10 and ending May 10, I am an “overachiever” so there will likely be more than 26 posts in that 13 week period, but I will be sharing them with the club, so I guess I can be selective about which of my posts will be entered as part of the official 26.

In past years there have been themes – one year it was going through and posting for each letter of the alphabet. This year it is open which may be daunting for those who are stymied when presented with a blank page or screen.

So I am challenging anyone who has that particular hurdle to jump, to stretch those writing muscles now and start making a list of the things you might like to blog about. I do that with short stories/flash fiction – I keep a list on my desktop of ideas that pop up when I am doing other things, so I don’t forget what brilliant (or so it feels at the time) concept for a story I came up with while on a conference call. LOL and I am on a lot of conference calls these days.

I think for this years blog challenge I may do some book reviews, and some poetry. And who knows, maybe a flash fiction or two, my “idea list” is getting pretty long and I need to get cracking on finishing up a couple of novellas – getting those writing muscles primed is important. 🙂

For those of you enjoying a Superbowl Sunday – I hope you have a great time! I will be out working in the yard, I think.



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