The anti-hero is my favorite

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I suppose it goes back to those wonderful “Spaghetti Westerns” translated from the classic Ronin movies… I am enamoured of the Anti-Hero. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Captain America’s of the fiction world, too – but my favorites will always be the Yojimbo – Man With No Name – Dead Pool – Black Widow – La Femme Nikita – Wolverine – and Sandman Slims of the fiction world.

These are the characters who do good while all the while shaking their heads at the folks who SHOULD be doing good, but who froze up when faced with true evil. The anti-heroes have been sneered at, dissed in the greatest ways, dismissed as not “up to snuff” for polite society and now they are the ones carrying the burden of fighting evil.

And of course, they started out like everyone else, believing in all good things – but reality reared its ugly head, and hypocrisy or worse happened to them and those they loved. Then they fell “out” of society only to wind up defending and protecting the folks who did nothing to defend and protect them.

The irony is delicious. And the fact is that I can relate more to these characters and their anger, disappointment and general ennui than I can to the Steve Rogers and Harry Potters of the fiction world. And I do enjoy the regular heroes…I simply relate more to the anti-heroes.

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So which is YOUR favorite and why? Let me know, I am curious!

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