The empty page

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Ahh, what to write, what to write?

“You should have a blog” they said.

“It will be fun” they said!

“Every author should have a blog!”

I’ll tell you a little secret. Come closer. Closer still. Okay. Ready?

I have days when I feel marvelously inspired to write, and days when the blank screen/empty page is a complete turn off.  I capitalize on my inspired days by writing up a veritable storm and scheduling the posts to trickle out.

That way I am covered for the days when life needs my attention – a friend might need help, or something needs a repair (with all the research and reading reviews that goes with it), or I might be behind in reading books that I promised to give an honest review of – or maybe I just don’t feel like writing.

Scheduling your posts doesn’t prevent you from doing spontaneous posts when you are inspired to do so. But it does help keep a steady flow of posts for anyone who might be following you (or discovering you) to read.


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