The itch

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You never feel the first bite as it happens, 
just suddenly there is the itch.
At first you just rub a little,
thinking something light must've brushed against your skin,
but after that little friction,
the itch grows.
If you happen to be sleepy, 
you begin to rub and scratch without thinking,
and then,
you are awake with the itch.
Now it is a battle of wills. 
You vow you will not scratch it, and it screams the itchiness at you,
and before you know it,
you are scratching.
Your second attempt is no better, 
you try to pat it - hoping it will assuage the itch,
and for a brief second or two, you breathe a sigh of relief
and close your eyes,
only to find yourself scratching the burning itch - again.
And now, in the dark,
as if chuckling to herself,
you hear the quiet buzz of the mosquito as she decides
which part of you will be the next target.
And whether you are bitten again of not,
you will itch as though you had bites
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