Unlearning sorry

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For many of us of a certain age, our cultural imprinting
relied upon our saying "I'm sorry" 
for nearly any thing that might have been
a show of independent thought, or a feeling we were not supposed
to speak of, 
the elephant in the room held a banner
that read "Sorry".
Sorry for feeling that I should be heard.
Sorry for having a better idea.
Sorry for not allowing someone to speak over me.
Sorry for offering a suggestion.
Sorry for having the audacity to exist.

It takes decades to unlearn that one phrase. 
For it to not be the default answer to every challenge, 
disapproving look, or defiant stare.
There is a pull to say it in all situations. 
As if our presence requires the apology, not simply the situation.

If ever we can be truly free of it as the "go to",
if we can be proud, stand tall, and just be 
without apology.

We will have unlearned sorry, and in its place,
learned acceptance.
Acceptance of ourselves, and of others.
I will keep trying.
Photo by Malcolm Garret on Pexels.com
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