What kind of writer are you?

Words strung together create meaning.

What kind of writer are you? Have you thought about it? Do you prefer to write small things – like ad copy, product descriptions, job opportunities and short lists?

Do you like investigative reporting? Interviewing someone? Describing the food, service, and amenities of businesses?

Do you enjoy reading books and writing reviews? Do you like to explain how to do things, or how to fix or build things? Do you like collecting bits of trivia? Recipes?

Do you like to proofread, edit, correct grammar and spelling?

All of these activities have niches that writers belong to, and make a living doing (sometimes it is part of a larger set of job requirements, sometimes it is a part-time job, and sometimes it is a freelance gig).

Knowing what you like to do and what you are good at doing (or wish to become better at doing) will give you an idea of what kind of writer you can be – what kind of writer you are.

This is part of the process of figuring out your niche. None of the above precludes your becoming a creative writer that does fiction (of any and all flavors) and poetry. But it does give you an idea of where you can make some money immediately versus after signing a book deal down the road.

Writing, if you want to write words you can live by, is a job. If you love it, it becomes a career and a passion.

For example: if you were one of those intrepid souls who, in school, loved to work on the school’s newspaper – you might be happy if you pursued writing and curating newsletters for clubs, organizations and/or businesses. There is a market for e-newsletters as well as printed newsletters, just check your own email and mailbox to see that you get newsletters of all kinds in a lot of different formats.

Those were written or curated by people who have many of the same skills you did when you worked on the school newspaper.

So think about it – and let me know, what kind of writer are you?

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