Writing non-fiction

While I love writing fiction (scifi, fantasy, speculative, weird, horror), I also enjoy journalistic non-fiction writing. I like researching and discovering new things about the world, or interesting people who are forging ahead in areas of sustainability or scientific research.

With all the focus on science versus politics, it can be comforting to know that individuals can still make a difference if they are focused and creative enough.  For example in “Could You Live on What You’ve Grown or Foraged for a Year?” which I wrote for the online publication Neo , I take a look at one man’s quest to live completely – only that which he himself had grown or foraged – for a year – to test sustainability theory.

Rob Greenfield is a pioneer and activist that you may have heard of before, since he attained a level of fame with his “Food Waste” campaign, where he showcased just how much edible food is thrown away here in the USA.  He did this primarily through dumpster diving – if you are unfamiliar with this term – it is basically going through the trash in a dumpster – specifically grocery store’s dumpsters, in this case. He did a TED talk on this, which I embedded into the article.

Writing non-fiction makes you marshal the facts in a different way than in fiction. Both styles lead the reader to certain conclusions.  And I know there are a lot of non-fiction writers out there who exercise the same level of creativity as any of us fiction writers do as we are creating worlds, and the rules of order in those worlds.

I guess I just enjoy shifting gears from time to time. Playing in different styles and genres is a way for me to stretch my writing skills.

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