You know you’re a writer when…

There are some tell-tale signs that someone is a writer, and for those of us who write, there are additional signs that let us know we have “arrived” as writers.  So here is my “listicle” of things that tip off the world at large that YOU are a writer:

  1. You carry notebooks around with you – everywhere.
  2. You text ideas to yourself when you are out doing other life things like shopping.
  3. You keep post-its of great sentences or snippets of conversations you’ve overheard that inspire a story/project.
  4. You enjoy skimming through dictionaries.
  5. You know that the plural of thesaurus is both thesauri and thesauruses, and why.
  6. You have a file or folder of stories you’ve written that aren’t quite where you want them to be, and you know someday you’ll go back in and rewrite them.
  7. You worry that the moment you’ve released a story out into the world is when you’ll finally see the typo that you’ve missed the first forty times you reread it.
  8. You think about writing before you fall asleep at night (and sometimes get back up to write it down because you know you’ll forget the great part you just thought of, if you go to sleep).
  9. You see one of your books in a used book store (or online at Thriftbooks) and you feel like you’ve “arrived”!
  10. You always want to hear what other writers say about their “process”.

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